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Top Benefits of Printer Rental Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Photocopiers or copier machines are the electronics device that’s been designed in a way that it may create a number of copies and also the images almost instantly and in almost no potential moment. The photocopiers are the gadgets that has got the specialization to enlarge the images within the transparencies that are utilized for the display structures for the overhead projectors.

The photocopiers are specifically utilized to collate or arranging the pages of a publication in a suitable manner such as binding.

Photocopier Leasing in Dubai

The Financial feasibility of the photocopiers

The economic feasibility of this photocopiers has been a significant disagreement as they often include a costly price tag. The majority of the printer rental companies have already been offering the higher level photocopier leasing at reasonable prices that well matches with their interim budgets.

Several types of photocopiers such as:

Sharp Photocopier
Konica Minolta Bizhub
Canon Image Runner Advanced
Ricoh Photocopiers
Kycera Taskalfa Copier Machines

Picking a Right Sort of Photo Copier becomes a struggle in itself

Choosing a ideal kind of printer leasing or photocopier rental company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi has ever been a thousand dollar question for many of the companies.
One should know the assessment of the growing business needs and attempting to work out the most effective chances of the photo copier for the mundane jobs in hand.
In latest fashion, the high-end photocopier model have managed to bring about certain attributes such as the hole punching and stapling. These two attributes saves a fantastic amount of time and further can cause a skilled touch to project documentation.

Choosing the photocopier rental device type on the basis of being a stand alone or even the networked

In the previous days, the rack alone photocopiers were the only real option to produce many copies of their documents, however also the users had to resort to reaching out to these leased photocopiers and accomplishing the computational task.
The networked photocopiers have come as a blessings in disguise for most of the corporate setup’s which enables multiple users over the network to reach out with their photocopiers and become a part of the file management systems having much less time.
Here are a couple of of the additional benefits you can expect to receive out of this rapidly evolving business technology.

Quality at the photocopiers on rental: The most important component for a organization when it comes to the photocopier rental is the quality, the copy quality is the determining variable for those photocopier to their optimal working.

Multi-functionalities of rented printer: Most of the small and medium sized companies often look forward for and rely upon the electronic copiers as they serve various purposes such as the printing, faxing, scanning and also the file center while connected into the organizational network.

Improved scanning technology for greater document management: In the current workplaces, the document management systems have played an integral role in executing the job efficiency of their employees. The scanning part of the photocopiers has been quite instrumental because the scanned record may be stored, sorted and readily recovered. Above all the electronic photocopier leasing have evolved in such a way these gadgets have been predominantly taking care of the networked environment and eventually become a core component of the file management system.

Scanned documents being provided for the user through email: The printers have evolved in the tech ecosystem and also have been connected into the servers. The users who attempt for a scanned record can ask for the scanning to be carried from the photocopier and sent them to the user after the scanning.

Key Benefits of Renting a Copier machine in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

  • We offer well maintained photocopiers and printers for rent and lease from various manufacturers like Canon, HP, Konica Minolta Bizhub, Rex Rotery, Ricoh, Sharp and Kyocera Taskalfa . This leads to easier for you to choose printers, photocopiers or plotters of your choice from a wide range or copier machines. Renting from us in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAQ or RAKgives you the option to choose perfect printer rental package that fixs your custom needs, rather than buying a brand new printer of photocopy machine by spending huge money.
  • Renting a printer or copy machine make you able to plan your budget of your organization. You will have an estimated cost of  how much money will go to the printer and Sharp photocopier for each month, and if the machine gives you trouble suddenly due to aging, you know you won’t have to unexpectedly spend Hundreds and Thousands of Dirhams from your fund just for maintaining your printers and to keep your business running as it should.
  • With a rented printer, plotter or Ricoh copier machine, you are not stuck with the outdated printers. When people talk about latest technology, they think about mobile phones, VR, and smart watches. In reality, things also change unbelievably faster in the photocopy machine industry as faster, best print quality, and more feature rich photocopy machines are launched. With copy machines costing thousands of Dirhams, it would make sense to rent the latest technology printer for few Months or Years, rather than spending in outdated technology. This is really important if your business solely relies on printed documents in day to day operations. Besides, as your business expands, you can expect your printing requirements to grow and going to need a copy machine that can process more papers.
  • Renting a copier in Dubai, UAQ, RAK or Abu Dhabi allows you to use the best printer available in UAE, without shelling out your money. Using a slow, outdated technology Konica Minolta photocopier your employees may waste your companies valuable working time every week just waiting for documents to print, copy or scan. Providing your office with latest technology, faster printer will  improve employee output, performance and profitability.
  • When you own a printer or a photocopier in Dubai, UAE, you start to see that repairs and maintenance of printers are expensive than you thought, especially when your photocopier’s spare parts needs to be replaced. Exactly like your landlord used to take care of your maintenance of your premise, your copier & printer rental company in Dubai will do the same. If you are not able to find fund for the cost of Canon ImageRunner photocopier or plotter and the cost of potential repairs and maintenance, then it will be better to lease or rent a copier in Abu Dhabi for the time being.
  • What is the outcome of  spending a huge amount of your organization’s budget on a printer, HP Designjet plotter or Sharp photocopier that turns out to not be what you expected rather than approaching a company who provide good well maintained printer rental Dubai? This is what happens, you will be stuck with an outdated photocopy machine in few Years. Copier renting gives you the freedom to try various brands and models of printers for rental in Dubai or RAK before making a long term commitment.
  • You may want to acquire another business or are working on an important project that will only last a couple of months. In this case, you need to have more copy resources but only for a short amount of time. Renting a copier or a printer is a great option for short-term or long-term events and projects. Rather than outsourcing your document printing and copying tasks, you can rent printer in Abu Dhabi and print all the documents in-house with more flexibility.


Should I Rent of Buy Photocopier for my Business?

Before coming in to a conclusion on renting a printer in Dubai, it is recommended to evaluate your business printing requirements and determine if a copier rental plan will meet it’s needs and fit within your organization’s budget. Read the following tips to understand and determine printer rental in Abu Dhabi is a suitable option for you.

  • Keep track of how many pages you are printing each week as well as the copy jobs that are  performed in day to day basis. Check if what are the paper sizes you print mostly and the weekly approximate color pages you print and the ink coverage area of your color prints (approx). Make sure that all the employees are keeping a record to ensure the most accurate report.
  • Send us an E-mail or call our support team to figure out the available printer rental and copier leasing packages. After receive printer rental quote, for the best and an easier decision, compare at least three rental plans. When receiving quote, be sure to ask which features are included in the price and the copier rental contract in Dubai.
  • Don’t forget to ask for additional information about available copier machine or printer models with an affordable rent in Abu Dhabi. Study about the available makes and models of rental printers and copiers in Sharjah and RAK to make a list of the must have features that will best suite your office daily operations and productivity.


Even though, these steps seem simple, they will give your business with worthful printer information to determine if buying would be the most suitable for your business than renting a printer in UAE market. Once you have calculated your average monthly volume of prints, copies and scans completed and decided which features you need in your rental copier, you will be better prepared to compare renting a copier and paying small, monthly payments VS buying a new one for a huge amount of money.

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