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HP Printer & Plotter Servicing Tips

Standard understanding of HP printer repair is vital so we can ascertain the components that we will need to replace and take care of the printer at its own great functioning condition. We, at Cube About Technology, HP printers at the top of the line products, however they aren’t immortals. After a particular period or quantity of pages published some of its components may require replacement or repair.

When you ran in to an error with Dubai HP printer that is giving you problems on your Windows 7 or MAC book computer, then there are basic troubleshooting steps that you can perform which might work for any HP Laserjet printer or HP Designjet Plotters. We have been working with different models of HP printers, such as the HP Designjet Plotters and HP Laserjet Printers and HP Laserjet Printer Enterprise, but the thing is there are other models of printers too in the market like HP inkjet printers and HP Z series plotters, with lot of distinct features, what works for one printer might not work for another.

Additional printer fix under the article below to be tried if the previous HP Printer maintenance steps did not work. If any of the HP Designjet plotter repairing tips has fixed your issue of your HP printer, you don’t have to try the other of the HP Printer repair tips in the section. In Addition to that, these are basic printer issue diagnosis procedures, that are effective for a wide range of HP printers. Individual HP printer models in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, all work in different ways, so there will be some distinct steps to follow for your specific HP printer problem that are not mentioned in this article. This includes guidelines like exact locations of your HP Printer and options to reach on Printer configuration menus, and physical characteristics and properties of various HP Printers.

HP Printer Troubleshooting

Checklist of HP Printer Issues:

Before we start the fixing process of your HP Printers, you will find things that we will need to check . Here is the next.

• The HP printer is plugged , and the socket is functioning properly

• The humidity and temperature onto the printer environment fulfill the specifications mentioned in the manual.

It’s essential that all these conditions are occurred otherwise it might be the source of an issue.

Common HP Printer Issues you may face

• Paper Jam inside the HP printer. A frequent reason why paper jamming is wrong paper size. When a paper jam in a HP printer, the very first step which needs to be taken would be to open the printer door in the front. Be gentle if pulling out the paper, you might also rotate the inner wheel so it will help push out the paper before calling HP Service Center Dubai.

• Printer isn’t communication with PC. Inspect the ends of this cable if it isn’t worn outside or damaged. When there’s an available spare cable, then attempt to utilize it and see whether the problem disappears. If the issue persists, attempt to uninstall the printer software and install it. What’s more, check whether there’s an updated driver on your PC.

• Printer isn’t responding. Printers freeze. A very simple solution to rooted printers would be to reboot it just push the power button and wait for a few seconds. After the printer gets closed down, then wait for a minimum of one moment until you turn in on back again.

Spare Parts Replacement is needed. Cartridges are the most typical replaced components. In case the quality of the printing is miles apart from what you anticipated, then perhaps it’s time to replace them. Whenever there’s a troubling noise throughout pick-up of newspaper, assess the feed rollers for indications of tear and wear. Worn out rollers doesn’t hold the paper correctly hence causing a sound. Another origin of a printer problem is its own transportation belts. Assess if the straps have a lot of idle, if it’s, you want to buy a brand new one.

These are the simple steps that anybody can do in order to maintain a HP printer without taking it to HP Printer Service Center. If the issue needs a comprehensive analysis and experience, seek professional assistance.

Issue: I sent a document to my HP Laserjet printer, but it’s not printing.


1 Check the power connectivity of the HP Printer and make sure the power button is in ‘on’ position.

2 Verify if the USB cable or Network cable is connected properly to the Printer or Plotter in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Don’t forget to inspect both ends of the cable for loose connections. If the HP printer has Wi-Fi capability, and it is connected to a wireless network, then be sure that both the HP printer and the PC are connected to the same wireless SSID. Procedures for connecting your HP printer to a wireless network will vary from model to model, so you must read documentation for your HP printer carefully. This article, for example, shows how to connect a generic HP Officejet Printer to Wi-Fi.

3 Turn the power of you HP printer off, wait ten to fifteen seconds, then turn the power back on.

4 Click on the Start button at the lower left corner of the led display of the printer, find Devices and Printers, then right-click your HP Laserjet printer and choose the ‘See what’s printing’ option. If there is any pending documents in the queue there, then click the Printer option in the menu bar of the Printer display panel and click on the ‘Cancel All Documents’ option. You can try re-sending the document to the printer and see if it is printing now.

5 On your Windows Computer, restart the ‘print spooler’ services from the control panel. This option is a bit complicated, so you may need to find a person who can assist you on doing this. Check if your HP Printer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah is working.

6 Turn off the printer, computer and restart both to see if it helps.

7 Check if you trying to print something on a paper size that is different than the default size for your HP printer. If your HP printer in Abu Dhabi has a multipurpose paper tray, then the PC may be sending the document to that tray instead of sending it to the default paper tray. Try keeping some papers in the multipurpose tray and see if that helps the document to print as it should.

8 Uninstall the printer driver from the computer, disconnect the printer cable from the printer, then re-install the printer carefully.


Issue: My HP printer is printing, but in very small or very big size.


1 Most popular computer applications have an option to change the print size on the Print menu, so you just have to find this option and see if the setting are correct, if other programs are printing at the correct size. Moreover, programs like Internet Explorer and MS Excel may have scaling settings that applies on a per-document basis. Meaning that one specific document might be setup to print at a 50% scale, while other at the default 100% scale.

Try printing documents from another application. For example, if a document is printing small from Google Chrome, try opening WordPad or Microsoft Excel to see if it is still printing in small size. If WordPad or Google Chrome prints correctly, then the print scale in Excel may have been incorrectly setup. You can open Google Chrome, click the gear icon at the top-right of the window, click on ‘Print’, then on the ‘Print Preview’. Click on the ‘size’ drop-down menu at the top of the window and select a correct zoom level, such as 100%. Try and print the document again to verify that it is now printing at the correct ratio.

2 Click the ‘Start’ button on the Windows Computer, click ‘Devices and Printers’, then right-click on your HP printer model and click the ‘Printing Preferences’ option. The steps from here may vary depending on your specific HP printer model and the Printer driver. Search for “Zoom” or “Scaling” option within the printer preferences window tabs. Change this to 100% if it is set to some other, then click the Apply and OK button to apply your changes.


Issue : HP Printer is showing as offline on the PC, but it’s turned on and connected to the network.


1 Turn the HP Laserjet printer off, then turn the power back on. Sometimes your HP printer or Plotter will enter to sleep mode or hibernation mode and your computer may not detect it when it wakes up.

2 Unplug the printer USB cable from the back of the Printer or disconnect the HP Printer from network, wait ten to fifteen seconds, then plug it back in again. In most cases it will force computer to detect the your HP printer again.

3 Click Start on your Windows PC, go to Devices and Printers, then right-click the HP printer and click on ‘Printer Properties’ option. Click the ‘Ports’ tab at the top of the window, make a note of the port name that is currently active, then select a different port. Click Apply and click OK. Check if the printer is still displayed as Offline. If it is, repeat this step, but with a different port name.

4 Uninstall the HP printer driver from your computer, disconnect the printer USB cable or Network cable from the back of the printer, then re-install the printer driver. If you are still having the same issue, then there may be a problem with old print driver version. You may have to find an expert to update the driver to a newer version on you PC.

Issue: Documents are printing, but with large patches, missing colors, and lines.


1 Clean the HP printheads (HP Designjet Plotters) or run maintenance utilities (HP Laserjet printers) to see if it resolves the issue. Keep in mind that the mentioned procedures to perform these operations will differ depending on your HP printer models. If you are experiencing print quality issues, then you should find the user manual to determine the necessary steps diagnosing the print quality problems for your very specific HP printer type.

2 Open the front door of the HP printer and check the printer cartridges or toners for any physical damages. If there is any defect, don’t try to print any documents before replacing them.

3 Replace printer cartridges or HP toners with genuine consumables to see if it is an issue from the use of counterfeit cartridges. HP Printer ink can dry out if you do not print documents often.

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