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HP Printer Service in Dubai: Helpful Information to find a Dedicated Printer Technician

The global printer service market size will grow to about $50 billion by 2025. However, do you know what to look for when looking for HP printer service in Dubai? If your printer keeps acting up, you need to hire a professional printer service provider.

Using the usual problem-solving tactics of turning the printer on and off may eventually not work. Disconnecting and rebooting your computer can also eventually fail. This is when you need to get affordable printer service in Dubai.

What are the factors to consider when hiring one? Let’s have a look.

Printer Service Technician

1. How Much Experience Does the Technician Have?

It’s one thing for the technician you choose to have experience in printer repair. It’s an entirely different thing for them to have experience in handling an HP printer. Check how many years they’ve been working on your brand of printer.

2. Is the Technician Certified?

The last thing you’d wish on yourself is to deal with a technician that’s not licensed or certified. It’s prudent that you ask them the brands they’re certified to work on. This is especially important if they’ve not been in the industry for long.

If your printer is still under warranty, the technician should be certified for Application Service Provider.

3. What’s the Technician’s Reputation

All service providers will strive to paint a good picture of their company. They want you to believe in their services and think they’re the best. However, their claims may not match their actual reputation.

One way to find out the credibility of a service provider is to look for recommendations. Reach out to people or businesses using a similar printer and get their opinion about service providers. Different views from various sources about the same service provider will give you some thinking to do.

4. Thoroughness

You want to work with a service provider who’s keen and detailed in their work. When they come to your office, will they address the problem you have and any potential ones? Perhaps your printer has worn out parts that need addressing.

What will the technician do about them? A good technician will go being the initial problem and fix the others without an extra charge. Most times, they’ll tell you this without much effort.

He’ll give you a complete diagnosis report on his findings and supply a quote for anything too complicated.

Thoroughness also goes with the quality of work. If the service provider you choose is keen on the details, it’s highly likely that the quality of their work is also excellent. Referrals are usually a good source of information about the quality of work you can expect.

5. Professionalism

While being thorough is part of professionalism, you’ll also want to work with someone who’s courteous with your team members. They also should be reliable so that you can depend on them every time you have issues with your HP printer repair.

It can be frustrating to have a HP printer service provider who is only available at their convenience. They need to be honest about their services, availability, and charges.

6. Company’s Customer Service

What customer experience does the company you choose provide? Right from the design and user interface to the solution and support you get, your customer experience is essential. When you’re comparing different service providers, their services should meet your needs.

How does it feel when you contact the support team of the company? If you don’t get immediate response nor have your questions answered satisfactorily, you may need to look elsewhere.

Why Do You Need Printer Service in Dubai?

Before hiring printer service in Dubai, there’s a need to check the reasons for hiring. Your HP printer will, at most times, give you indicators that it’s time to hire a professional to fix it. Here are some of those indicators.

1. Clean Printer Heads

If a document comes out of the printer with white lines running across the text, it could mean the printer heads are clogged. This is especially the case if the cartridges are full. If you try cleaning the printer heads, but the problem persists, it’s time to hire a professional.

Remember that cleaning them more than necessary will end up using a lot of your ink. To avoid double costs, let a professional help you with the process.

2. Unsatisfactory Performance Speeds

An electronic device will slow down at one point or another and perform imperfectly from time to another. However, if this becomes a daily struggle with your HP printer, it’s time to look for printer service in Dubai.

Slow print speeds may be as a result of mechanical problems in the machine. The internal components could be failing, hence requiring a replacement. Call a professional technician to fix the issues if you’re not ready to replace the machine as yet.

3. “Non-Genuine” Cartridge Message

This is a typical pop-up message with HP printers. It implies that you’re using a third-party ink cartridge that could also be used up or refilled. Third-party cartridges usually come with chips installed to circumvent this message.

You can diffuse it by clicking “OK” but if the problem persists removing your cartridge and cleaning the chip. If after re-installation the message still comes up, have a professional diagnose the deeper issue.

If the cartridge is genuine and presents similar problems, let a professional help you sort it out.

Final Thoughts

When using an HP printer Service, it’s inevitable to have issues of non-performance with it. When this happens, you can troubleshoot the problems and fix them on your own. However, sometimes, your approach may not always provide a lasting solution.

This is when you need to seek professional printer services near you. As you chose the company to contract, check its reputation. This will give you insights into their professionalism, quality of services, reliability, and customer service.

If possible, go for a printer service in Dubai with a specialty in HP printers. This assures you that your HP printer will be in safe hands.

Do you have problems with your printer? Let the experts help you.

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