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Common, Man Made Photocopier Problems and How to Avoid Them!

Your boss wanted you to take some photocopies yesterday and the Photocopier isn’t working correctly. When it is not a simple paper jam and it’s printing vertical grey blocks or in worse cases it’s just printing blank pages nothing else. An error message comes up that’s unknown to a normal office staff and even with photocopier user manual user can’t translating those photocopier error messages and get the photocopy work done before boss asks for it. There is nothing more frustrating than a photocopying machine aka. Copier, which is not working when in emergency. In most cases you will have to call the Photocopier Repair Center to sort out the issue and fix it in few hours or even days.

Too many copier machine problems are caused by human mistakes so we we are the only one to be blamed for photocopiers or xerox machines going wrong and not functioning properly.

Did you notice a message at the bottom of the video that said “no photocopiers were harmed in the making of this video?” No? Neither did I.


Common photocopier problems include:

It has been reported around 20% of those reasons why photocopiers got in to an issue is due to staff sitting on photocopy machines. You can therefore massively reduce your copier machine repair costs in Dubai and Sharjah by not permitting staff to sit on the Ricoh copier machine and warn them strictly. There are a number of worst YouTube videos of staffs sitting on the copy machine and falling though the glass of the photocopier and suffering painful consequences and not to mention a debilitating disciplinary meeting with their boss. If however you’re the boss, you have nothing to blame. You have lost your money on fixing the copier machine in Dubai with replacement parts!


Other man made causes of photocopier issues:

Forgetting to plug the power code to the socket.
Spilling Coffee on the Kyocera photocopier machine.
Getting food waste stuck on the copier
Forgetting to turn on the power of the HP copy machine.
Putting incorrect size papers in the paper tray of the Xerox machine
Kicking, banging, hitting, dropping the photocopier.
Using incorrect toners, empty toner cartridges, damaged toners, counterfeit toners and faulty toners in the Sharp copier machine.
Paper jam caused by inserting papers with stapler pins and paper clips.
Quickly and repeatedly pressing buttons without giving enough time for the copier to respond.
Forgetting to place the original inside the copying machine and blame them for printing blank pages.
Putting originals in wrong way so it faces the wrong side down and so on.
Pulling out the copies before the printing job is completed.
Using badly or low quality re-manufactured toners or other consumables.
The photocopier is not plugged to the network or to the PC with USB Cable.

Another type of Canon photocopier error is caused by verbal abuse. However disagreeable this may be, there is as yet no proof to indicate that verbal abuse is harmful to the photocopier machine or any electronic devices. So in the event you need to mistreat your Konica Minolta photocopier, do so verbally, all be it quietly so as not to offend colleagues. 🙂

To prevent all of the above mentioned photocopier problems from happening, simply don’t do them.

More means to avoid photocopying nightmares.

  • Do not blame the photocopier if your passport photos make you look like the UAE’s most wanted criminal. 😉
  • Do not place the amount of duplicates for 999 and leave your space to have a great relaxing cup of coffee without checking which you put the original into the photocopier, right way up.
  • More significant, when double side printing, do not set the amount of copies to 999, and forget to turn the newspaper sheets so that you can get 999 copies with either side of print on one side of newspaper.

Conclusion: If you wish to avoid photocopier service center in Dubai be great to your photocopier and your photocopier will probably be helpful for you.

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