CubeiT Care360 – Plotter Service Coverage

CubeiT Care360 Plotter Service Coverage improves uptime& lifespan of your Plotters Professionally

Plotters are the core of any construction and engineering business. Even in this era of technology, engineering firms are still required to have their documents printed instead of getting them by email or in any other digital document format.

With CubeiT Care360, We have the best maintenance support delivered through professionally trained and experienced printer service engineers to keep your Plotters in good working order. Our dedicated and client-centric service team performs monthly periodic maintenance to increase the life span of your plotter and minimize the down time

Monthly Preventive Maintenance Included


  • Inspect Ink tube flow check to avoid ink tube block and clean if required
  • Check and correct Service Station moving and waste ink level to avoid damage to the unit
  • Carriage unit cleaning to avoid carriage stuck
  • Encoder Strip inspection and cleaning to avoid damage and carriage stuck.
  • Ink Supply Station ink pumping test and correct to avoid air block and print Head damage
  • Firmware HDD status check and recover If required– to avoid HDD error (Cost of HDD is not covered with this AMC)
  • Latest Firmware Updating to avoid File size error 79.04.
  • All Motors inspection – to avoid stuck
  • Check and clean Paper feed sensors to avoid paper feed errors.
  • Perform colour calibration to ensure optimum print quality
  • Perform Head Alignment to ensure optimum print quality
  • Print Head Cleaning – to ensure print quality (Cost of print heads is not covered with this AMC)
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